Harnessing Data.

While Safeguarding Privacy.

No PII, no cookies.  Join all of the marketers, agencies, and DSPs who've already set sail with us. 

Simple, Safe, and Scalable

We prioritize group and cohort targeting, propelling beyond the conventional reliance on individual data and personal information. We eradicated the need for cookies and any handling of personally identifiable information (PII), ensuring unwavering privacy and strict compliance with data protection regulations.

Harnessing Geographical and Temporal Data

Our Geograph technology leverages the power of geographical and temporal information. We match to geographic boundaries such as postcodes and sometimes include a time component too. As an example, using a hotspot algorithm, we determine optimal cohorts for each post code based on spatial proximity, enabling accurate identification of "High-High" areas crucial for audience targeting,  and cannot be calculated accurately without an advanced spacial algorithm.  

Privacy-Preserving Data Analysis

With our advanced data analysis techniques, we ensure privacy preservation. Our technology operates without encroaching upon sensitive personally identifiable information (PII). By prioritizing group and cohort targeting, we eliminate the need for cookies and comply with stringent data protection regulations.