Future Proofed Measurement and Attribution

Measure media effectiveness and improve marketing ROI

Using your historic data, we compute the most accurate tactic attribution and predictive ROI forecasting.


Unify Marketing, Sales, and Profit for a Comprehensive Overview

Impower marketers to demonstrate the return on investment (ROI) of their strategies while providing them with precise guidance on optimizing future marketing campaigns. Generate valuable insights to enhance budget allocation efficiency and effortlessly predict sales trends for informed decision-making.

Budget Allocator

Optimize your budget across creative, tactics, and channels. Our model uses your historic data to predict the optimal media mix. 


Given a marketing budget feel certain you're deploying it in a smart way. 

Future Proofed Attribution

Goldfish Ads unlocks Media Mix Modeling for any size advertiser. 

Previously, Media Mix Modeling was often expensive and time-consuming, making it inaccessible for many companies. However, thanks to advancements in computation and model creation, Goldfish Ads now provides quick results within days instead of months. Additionally, our flexible pricing structure accommodates all types of companies, ensuring that Media Mix Modeling is within reach for businesses of any size.

For Datorama Customers

Goldfish Ads is an apprved attribution partner of Salesforce Datorama. We can automatically fetch your marketing data and seamlessly update your attribution and measurement dashboards.