Simple, Safe, and Scalable

AMAP, or Audience Mapping, Accuracy, Privacy, is Goldfish Ads' dataset that  provides a completely cookieless and future-proof solution. It seamlessly operates across all platforms, including display media, CTV, social media, mobile, DOOH, and audio.

Privacy First, Always

AMAP is rooted in a privacy-first approach, eliminating the need for cookies and any personally identifiable information (PII). It is fully compliant with GDPR and CCPA regulations, offering unparalleled accuracy through the Geograph technology. This technology blends geographic and temporal data to cluster audiences across various media and platforms while preserving user privacy.

Unlocking Audience Potential With Our Geograph

Our Geograph technology acts as a relevance engine, identifying optimal clusters of individuals representing your target audiences. By leveraging geographic and temporal data, we ensure accuracy without infringing on PII or relying on cookies. We match to geographic boundaries such as postcodes, sometimes incorporating a time component for precise, privacy-centric audience targeting.

"As Many As Possible"

AMAP embodies "As Many As Possible," emphasizing our commitment to expanding your reach, engaging diverse audiences, and maximizing your marketing potential across various media, all while maintaining a privacy-centric, cookieless, and future-proof approach.

Revealing Patterns through Cohorts

AMAP datasets introduce an innovative approach based on "cohorts." These intentionally curated groups share common interests, locations, and sometimes moments in time. Our promise to respect user privacy is unwavering, ensuring data remains untarnished and secure across display media, CTV, social, mobile, DOOH, and audio. We reject invasive cookies and intrusive tactics, upholding a cookieless and future-proof approach.