Create audiences with first-party data

Think Beyond Traditional Identify Graphs: Unlock Greater Reach, Enhanced Privacy, and More Cost-Effective Audience Solutions with the Geograph.

Escape the limitations of black-box identity partners and their data match rates. The Geograph gives you the ability to naturally understand and analyze your first-party data.

Unlock Your Data 

Activate on your favorite marketing channels with intelligent customer segments built from your first party data.

Cookieless and Future Proofed

Instead of relying on databases that store PII records like Cookies, Emails, and Mobile Device IDs, Goldfish Ads runs your first party data through their Geograph to create a custom look-a-like segment. These segments are built from the geo-clusters that naturally over-index for your custom segment. 

1) Connect to your data

2) Analyze with the Geograph

3) Activate