We've unlocked the power of data without invading privacy. No PII, no cookies. We prioritize group and cohort targeting, propelling beyond the conventional reliance on individual data and personal information. We eradicated the need for cookies and any handling of personally identifiable information (PII), ensuring unwavering privacy and strict compliance with data protection regulations. Our Geograph, a relevance engine fueled by advanced data analysis, discerns the most optimal clusters of individuals who encapsulate your desired target audiences. Leveraging the power of geographical and temporal information, our technology achieves results without ever encroaching upon sensitive PII. Instead, we match to geographic boundaries such as postcodes and sometimes include a time component too. As an example, using a hotspot algorithm, we determine optimal cohorts for each postcode based on spatial proximity, enabling accurate identification of "High-High" areas crucial for audience targeting,  and cannot be calculated accurately without an advanced spacial algorithm.

Delivering A Productized Geograph 

A collection of workflows, automations, third-party integrations, and data harmonization that enable planning, activating, and reporting on audiences all without using an email, cookie or device ID. Where instead we anchor our Geograph to the intrinsic benefits of location and time targeting.

No cookies, No PII. We Resimplify Data.

Flexible, Fast Platform that can ingest vast amounts of data and quickly make it available for various use cases including data sets, audience insights, Geo-APIs, planning media, activating media, reporting dashboards, and clean rooms. 

Current Partners and Integrations Include: American Community Survey, CDC, Retail Sales and Inventory Levels, Facebook Hidden Interests, Facebook Audiences, Google Popular times, Google Search Trends, POI Data, Voter Registration Data, COVID-19 Vaccination Data, Department of Education, Department of Veteran Affairs, Google, Meta, FB, Instagram, Snapchat,  MediaMath, Xandr Curate, Centro Basis, Snowflake, Datorama, Ninjact, Tapcliks, Eyeota, Peer39, Ad Lib and more to be announced soon. 

Delivering a Productized Geograph 

The Geograph approach - Geography is the science of integration and a way of thinking — with the map itself as the foundation. The location creates the essential context.

Key capabilities:

Geograph Architecture