Life Event Audiences

Reach consumers who are experiencing major life events at the right time

Life events represent major spending periods in someones life. Our audiences allow you to market to individuals who are going through different life experiences. 

Privacy Friendly 

Like all Geograph Audience, these segments do not touch a cookie, device ID, email, or any PII. 

Find peace of mind in knowing that our audiences are fully compliant with USA and international privacy regulations. With our privacy-friendly audiences, you don't have to compromise on scale or precision when reaching your target audience.

Life Event Taxonomy

Pre Movers

New Movers

New Renters

New Homeowners

First Time Home Buyers

Newly Single

Newly Engaged



New Parents


Retirement Planners


Graduating College

Graduating High School

How It Works

Our new "Life Events" audiences are built based on what people are searching for on the internet when they go through important events in their lives, like getting married or having a baby. We collect a bunch of keywords that people might be searching for when they're going through those life events, and we use that information to create groups of people who are going through similar events. 

By using this information, we can help advertisers show their ads to the right people at the right time. For example, if someone is searching for wedding planning related keywords, we will add them to the Newly Engaged audience. It's all about using data to help people find what they're looking for, and to help advertisers connect with the right customers.