Diversity,Equity & Inclusion

DE&I Dashboard

Our DE&I measurement tools that helps advertisers and media agencies reach an equitable number of underrepresented individuals. 

By comparing media delivery to the population dynamics of an audience, we can determine how effectively an advertiser is reaching a specific audience. 

Precise Measurement

We use advanced data analysis to accurately measure the performance of your media campaigns against diverse audiences, providing you with actionable insights to adjust your plan.

Privacy Safe

Sine our Geograph looks at groups of people aggregated into clusters no PII, Device IDs, Cookies, or Emails are required.

Easy to Optimize

Quickly make optimizations to your media in order to increase or decrease your reach to diverse groups. Target/de-target the Goldfish Ads ethnicity audience segments in your DSP to balance out your equitable media reach.

Built to Scale

Our platform provides insights into how well your media is reaching diverse audiences, allowing you to adjust your plan and make informed decisions to promote inclusivity. With the Geograph, you can take actionable steps to build a more diverse and inclusive advertising campaign that resonates with all audiences.